Preschool Curriculum

Cary Methodist Preschool bases its curriculum on the development of the whole child, emphasizing socialization and learning through active involvement with his/her environment. In all classes, teachers provide developmentally appropriate activities and materials to help children learn and grow at their own pace. Teachers combine structured daily routines with free-choice activity times, allowing children to explore their own creativity while relying on the comfort of predictable routines.

Each session includes a circle time, center activities, snack, story time, music and fine and large motor activities.

Circle Time is an opportunity for the children to practice their listening skills as the teacher and the children share ideas and discuss the topic of the day.

Center Activities allow the children to choose from a variety of activities in the following centers; dramatic play, blocks, books, manipulatives, art, math, science, and a sand and water table.

Story and Music Time promotes creative expression, listening skills and language development.

Large Motor activities include outside play on our climbing equipment. If the weather doesnít permit outdoor play, we often use indoor equipment such as the parachute, games with balls or beanbags, or an active music activity.

The Writing Table is an area where markers, crayons, pencils, scissors, and paper are available for children to use on a daily basis